Small Towns VS Big Towns Development Programs

The work opportunities and housing available in cities are necessary to take in the increasing number of people that the small towns are unable to manage.

If price settings and financial aid never get in the way, the city market depends mainly on the non-urban suppliers.

People today prefer to eat any food organic for all kinds of reason, yet residing in big towns could make it nearly impossible to find cheap fresh organic food and vegetables as compared with the rural communities who grow their food without adding any chemical to its produce.

Small towns have often been overlooked in development areas such as in research, sanitation, water, and hygiene, whereas cities are generally the primary focus.

Within small towns, rural centres and surrounding areas, essential resources are not equally allocated, even though non-urban areas always function under constraint. Additionally, small towns are faced with problems by which there is concentrated increased in housing demand because of insufficient availability of housing.

Although one can find well-designed policies intended to advance small towns, and quite often powerful organisations working for their own benefits, instead use the resources for non-community projects.

It is a simple fact that local people in small towns will probably take advantage of community services and suppliers. This is due to the possibility that residents can easily access local areas. Residents also have more shopping options which can be found comparatively near them, as compared with shopping in the cities.

Small towns, irrespective of their variations in size, the region as well as other features, they generally function to benefit local businesses and services for the community and the surrounding areas. Nonetheless, the attention to small towns means retailers can focus on specific consumer services or products for the community, which obviously can result in a considerable percentage of their revenue generation locally.

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