Reasons Small Town Population Migrate to Big City

A development project for small towns could offer a specific number of goals and objectives and focus on its progress to include the big, intermediate, and small areas around it.

This type of system needs to exceed external or even local community planning. It, therefore, calls for the respective authorities to employ a much bigger perspective to town policies as compared with standard ones.

Apart from the drive to succeed that makes people want to move away from small towns, there are, obviously, the attractive factors associated with the big cities such as the bigger pay packet of city jobs compared to earnings options in non-urban regions.

The population migration to urban centres because of its economic activities, although creating significant monetary and social possibilities, can increase urban over-crowding, makes it impossible to get houses.

On the other hand, with many people able to afford properties, this helps to protect historical buildings in town areas from the pressure of dangerous demolition and renovation and plays a role in a city restoration.

In most cities, the population pressure has brought about the giving up on important city development programs. Although some programs have helped to promote residential schemes on individual levels, changed planned city highway development, and resulted in a transformation of neglected areas into play areas or park.

Many development programs in big cities provide the people with the power to control, manage, examine, and direct town improvement.

In small-town areas, the financial crisis has not simply decreased revenue, brought up joblessness, it also has taken away many social programs in the areas. it has amplified the currently low priority provided to non-urban challenges, escalating the persistent limitation in resources necessary to develop, sustain, and maintain rural regions.

The repair of the road network systems is often at the cost of local towns.

In city areas, the steady flow of holidaymakers using the road system have resulted in a demand for services and goods that could generate revenue in the form of taxes used to repair the city roads.

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